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Devon is a minor character from the Disney-Pixar film Turning Red. He is the boy that Mei had a brief crush on.


Devon appears to be a typical apathetic teenager, being overworked and tired.


Devon is a teenage boy with fair skin, blue eyes, and dark hair. He wears a blue navy-print bucket hat, a blue polo shirt with a red collar and sleeve trim, and a white name tag with light blueprint. He also wears jeans and flip-flops. Both of his ears are pierced, and he also sports a black-and-white puka shell necklace.

Role in Film[]

A guy who Mei's friends find hot, and although Mei doesn't at first, she later ends up thinking exactly what her friends think, which leads to the store scene. He is surprised when he sees Mei's drawing of him and he says "What?"

He appears in the crowd at the SkyDome during the 4★Town concert.



  • Given that he is at the 4★Town concert, it could mean his tired expression was due to working overtime to be able to afford a ticket. His expression is slightly changed when he attends their concert taking pictures with his own snap camera while standing next to a red-haired crying girl.
  • Being 17 during the story's events, it might imply that he was born sometime in 1985.
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