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Abigail "Abby" Park is one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Miriam Mendelsohn and Priya Mangal) of Disney-Pixar's film Turning Red. She is one of Mei's best friends.


Abby is a fun loving, yet wild and chaotic preteen who is very supportive of her friends and gets angry easily. She can also be quite aggressive, as shown when she confidently punches Mei when she requested for it. She can also be very angry at herself if she makes a mistake. However, she isn't the brightest in terms of intelligence, as she sometimes gives misinformation by remembering things wrongly, although she likes to help Mei. She loves to hug Mei whenever she is in red panda mode since she is very fluffy, and she loves to stick with Mei anytime the whole way which makes her want to give up her 4★Town ticket for Mei. Abby is constantly energized and moody, and can get mad more easily than Mei, which can sometimes distract her.


Abby is a short, heavyset, Korean-Canadian, 13-year-old teenage girl with fair skin, brown eyes, and a round face. She has long, straight, black hair with straight-across bangs. Abby's typical outfit consists of a light purplish-pink sweater, purple overalls (with pink, yellow, and orange flower designs on them), and dark purple shoes. She also wears a purplish-pink glittery headband, orange heart earrings, a watch on her right wrist, and a friendship bracelet on her left wrist.

Abby's gym clothes consist of a white t-shirt that has dark green lines on the collar and sleeves and a "Lester B. Pearson Phys Ed" logo on the top right of her shirt. She also wears green and white shorts.

During the 4★Town concert, Abby wears a purplish-pink t-shirt that reads "4★Town" in orange and blue with orange and blue stars and markers-made tattoo with hearts, stars and saying "Tae Young", "4 Townie" and "4" on her cheeks, hands and t-shirt.



Abby is one of Mei's best friends and is very supportive of her red panda transformation and finds it very fluffy. Mei's panda also helps her think.

Miriam and Priya[]

Abby shares Miriam and Priya's love for the band 4★Town, as well as their obsession with Devon.


Like her friends she disliked Tyler because he teased and bullied Mei. However, they later became friends at the 4★Town concert once they discovered he was a 4*Townie just like them and they welcomed him into their sisterhood.


  • When Abby is distressed or mad, she starts yelling in Korean, like when she was yelling at some kids for littering, and when she thought 4★Town's concert in Toronto was on May 18, which happened to be in Toledo, Ohio.
    • With this in mind, it could be easily assumed Abby speaks Korean at home with her family.
  • Abby's appearance is very similar to Trixie Tang in The Fairly Oddparents.
  • Like Jin, Abby shares the same last name as her voice actress.
  • Her favorite 4★Town member is Tae Young since he fosters injured doves and he is Korean-Canadian just like she is. In Mei's fantasy, she is seen lifted by him and holding his hand. At the concert, she was looking at him dreamily as the concert began while saying "Tae Young..." At the end of the movie, she is seen on his back in the group picture while he has a painful look on his face.
  • According to Abby, her mother is a haircutter at a hair salon, in which Devon goes to get his haircut.
  • As is described on the Pixar website, Abby is raised by strict parents.
  • In an interview, Domee Shi said that Abby's character was based on her voice actress Hyein Park, who is best friends with Domee and was her roommate in college.



Click to watch: Abby in Turning Red (2022) Pixar Animation Studios Walt Disney Pictures

Click here to watch: Abby in Turning Red (2022) Pixar Animation Studios Walt Disney Pictures


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